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wwhos online i need to vvent

What’s wrong, dear?

so ara said i should tell my lusus wwhats been goin on lately an howw ivve been so i did that an he fuckin flipped out an got mad an basically said WWHY DIDNT YOU FUCKIN TELL…

He’s simply worried about your well being, and upset you felt like you couldn’t tell him what was wrong. You’ve been with him for as long as you’ve lived, so of course he wants you to tell him things! I think you should give him time to cool down, and go back down. Ask to have a CALM, serious talk. He will understand, I assure you. I’m sorry he reacted that way, but as a parent it is their job to worry for those they care so deeply about, such as you. He loves you, Eridan! Never doubt that!

he also said he wwas gonna cut off all my contact to sol he aint kiddin he doesnt wwant me to be sols matesprit

i also told him about howw ivve been depressed an wwhat i tried to do an he just said THATS BULLSHIT YOU NEED TO STOP PITYIN YOURSELF NO SANE TROLL WWOULD TRY TO DIE JUST CAUSE THEY DONT LIKE THEMSELVVES

im gonna wwait a little wwhile oh my god im so stupid

You’re not stupid. You are hurt and sad and it’s acceptable behavior for someone who feels the way that you do. Don’t you dare ever doubt yourself for one moment, Eridan Ampora!

You are a wonderful person, and if your father is acting that way, it is his problem. Though I do believe he is more worried and scared than angry and patronizing.

Yes, wait for him to cool down for some time, and then talk to him again.

hes angry an vvery fuckin paranoid

i heard him leavve an i wwent to the kitchen on my ship cause i wwas gettin bored a my room

i dont knoww howw but he hid evvery single fuckin knife in my hivve

i am hurt an sad an a moron thats wwhat i am

anywway im back in my room an im still wwaitin for him to get back an cool off an pretend to be sorry

He hid the knives because he’s WORRIED, you numbnuts!! Why else would he hide them? You aren’t a moron. You are both hurt because you feel like the other couldn’t trust one another, that’s what’s the problem here. Neither of you are going to pretend to be sorry. You are going to be genuinly sorry, and you are going to talk calmly and seriously.